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Internet over Power Lines?


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[shadow=red,left]resopalrabotnicl[/shadow] Internet over Power Lines has it problems to work out [glow=red,2,300]But[/glow] so did cable and dsl ! My point is this !, Data Transmission over Power Lines [glow=yellow,2,300]shows very good promise[/glow] and if it does become a reality , that is a very good thing for you and I .

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dsl still has trouble with high freq leakage, cable too but a bit less due to shielded cable. to be honest i don't want all my appliances running off a current that has anything besides the 50 or 60 Hz (depending where you live) on it. it might not huirt your stove or the toaster, but all the other devices that have some electronics in them and all the little power supplies for your phone, printer, pc, fax, alarm clock etc. etc. etc. would have to deal with filtering out a high freq signal that they were not designed for.

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but if u read the whole article...the project wasn't dropped because it didn't work...it was dropped for 2 reasons... because it wasn't econonically feasible...#1 they couldn't charge enough for it...and...#2 there weren't gonna be enough customers in that area where the project was launched...so yes it bit the dust but not for the reasons u stated resop

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Thanks Tonyswirl! Your first link a few posts ago is dead, but the one just posted is interesting. But, yipes, haven't been on for a while with hard disk failure and #$%@$, so was surprised to see the clash of titans early in the thread. Anyway, my original request referenced a NPR report that said a breakthrough was taking place in BPL so any technical reference before that time might have been on the wrong track for profitability and performance. Hope the Manassas trial works well. Any links to such  reports would be appreciated! :cool:

Here's one that I just got in the mail...Google's in on it??: http://www.telecommagazine.com/search/article.asp?Id=AR_1180&SearchWord=

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I do not understand your question - it worked great - they just could not make money

I think he's going back in time and referencing resopalrabotnick and his suggestion that the available bandwidth would never be much above a phone line...it's all too technical for me, I'll let you guys theorize on that ;)

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first, the developing nations part is a good thought, but the issue with powerline transmission is range just like dsl, i think if they do have power to run a comp then they are better off using satellite internet.

and to the other q, it is faster than phone line, but unlike phone, dsl, cable etc, the bandwidth of the line from the transformer is shared between all the users.

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Continuing info:

Info on the largest trial being built to millions in TX apparently without any RF interference issues::


Info on interference issues and overview from Ham Radio concerns:


(Note the author of above is one of the most vocal critics of BPL and is also a Ham Radio proponent - he posts on other forums if you search as "rf-engineer" and possibly other handles)

info on the Comtek experiment in Manassas, VA with link to subscription page:



summation: the experiment in Irving, TX apparently provides no interference to RF community so  might be the one to watch. 

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my powerco down here in Tenn. is presently working on BPL in Brownsville Tenn. no problems as of yet however every new technology will have bugs and the bugs are better than the politco's setting on their asses and fueling the independent teleco's pockets and also the major teleco's pockets the power co's. took this on their own to get a piece of the ISP pie and provide broadband to places like where I live so far back in the woods they also have to pump in the sunshine haha

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