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Internet over Power Lines?


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Not to knock the big daddy net in the city,(lucky dogs) but I would like to see it knock sat's into the dirt. We pay as much as city cable and DSL does for fap, 52,000 mile jet lag signals, weather conditions, self equipment charges, ugly things on our roof (stykish actually,HAH),repointing dishes, very inconsistent speeds,etc... I wish they would come to our rural electric company's and talk to them. Any other alternative would be pleasant.

Think about it 700Kbps speeds with the crap for $60 per month plus $1000 for equipment. Come to us! Just offer better than that! Like that would be hard to beat!

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i'm sure it would be better then satellite.

it wouldn't be. at least sat internet doesn't turn powerlines into high freq antennas blasting crap all over the spectrum.

the ranges aren't really better than reg'lar broadband systems and the disadvantages of using unpaired unshielded lines for the transmission are just too great. any frequency used by the service is smothered completely and rendered useless for anything else.

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why confused? even the paired and /or shielded cables used for cable internet and dsl cause radio interference to some extent. now imagine an abovegroud powerline that is running the signal on a single completely unshielded wire. that thing turns into a huge antenna broadcasting the high freqs of the piggybacked data signal. and we are talking loooooong antennas here. even the cabling in your house tunrs into an antenna when you use one of theos powerline networking widgets. sure, the transmission works, but the cost in interference is huge,

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