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hmm two cable connections one works....


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alright i have a regular modem and router set up on my pc, i get good download and upload, but theres this connection that came with the pc its-self its a card and its for the media center for watching and streaming videos and sh*t well..i've noticed that this connection is rating at 400 Mbps against the regular cable modem from roadrunner 100 Mbps and i was wondering if somehow i could run both for the internet? i tried to share them both but yeah, i f***ed it up and i just got my connection fixed right now. but yeah if anyone can help me. here ill get a screen-shot.


all that junk i put on there to help you all out...

uhh please help me if you can~!!!!

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The 1394 Connection is a firewire connection and it's not generally used for internet in common setups.

You can disable it through your bios if you are not connecting using it for any other devices.

See here: How does a FireWire (IEEE-1394) connection work?

See here: Description of 1394 Connection in Windows XP

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