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Need place to send my server!


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I am running a Lineage 2 server from my house, and the way it is growing i will soon need a faster connection. Thing is in my crappy little town there are no faster connections.

So does anybody know of a company or datacenter that you can send your server to and just pay for space and bandwidth. Preferably canadian but if not wherever i have to go is fine.

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inquire at your telco how much a fractional t1 or sdsl would cost you. might be cheaper than remote hosting and you have access to the box 24/7

I have the fastest connection offered in this area. It doesn't matter where the server is as i barely play the game. It is the type of game also where pings between 200-250 is still easily playable so location don't really matter to me. :)

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Why rent a box when i have 1? Costs to much, i know there are companies that do this i just can't find them lol.

The game is Lineage 2, and it is currently running off of a cable 748 UP connection. Though it is a small town provider that currently has to many customers on the network. So i only get 512 up, they assure me they are fixing it but it doesn't matter because i will need more than 748 soon anyways.

No business running off of it, strictly non-profit :)

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just for clarity what you should be looking for its called CO Location

as far as i know serverpronto does not offer colocation

i believe this is what you want from what i have read

What is colocation?

Colocation is the way that your web server is housed and connected to the internet. A web server is a computer that holds web pages so that they available to the Internet.

Servers are usually mounted in metal racks in a purpose-built facility with a large amount of internet connectivity.



check this website, it has lots of options


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