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WOndering why the installation of a t1 is 30+ days?


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you should be able to split the 24 lines (making it 64k intervals) any way you please. this is of course providing your telco lets you. you can, depending again on telco support, get a blockl of extension numbers for the t1 line. using multiple t1s should not be a problem providing you have enough wires into the building from the telco and you have the appropriate hardware to loadbalance onto them.

as for multiple files at t1 speed, can you start 10 files on your 3mbit cable line and receive each one at 3mbit? that should make the naswer obvious.

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either yourt telco will offer a product with tywo combined t1s or you will have to use load balancers to achieve the speed. but you can basically combine any number of t1s, that is what the t2 and 3 connections are. but unless you have a shitload of wiring already coming into your building you will probably need to go fiber for that.

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