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BE To Launch 24Meg Wireless Service in UK


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well i am a bit disapointed at a few things

1st of all

    * Up to 24 meg download speed

    * Up to 1.3 meg upload speed

    * Unlimited Internet access

    * No download caps

    * Free high specification wireless Be Box modem

what is 1.3MB upload why 0.3?? make it something like 5Mb or something decent

that is not acceptable

2nd i found out bulldog for example advertises 8MB but then when u pay for 8Mb it does not make sure u get what u payed for u get what its possible, so i have a friend of mine paying for 8Mb but only getting 3Mb cause his to far they say, so he should pay for 3MB not 8Mb bastards

i am almost sure this is what Be will do they will offer 24Mb to 10% of the customers who live next to the street box and the rest will get what they can.

i am not saying for them to make a miracle i am just saying for them to be honest if you can only get 12Mb then u should just pay for half of it. but this will never happen

anyway DSL sucks a bit, fiber rocks !!!!!

but i have Adsl :(

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