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How much of a geek are you?


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here's another test post results


Here is the result of your Geek Purity Test.

You answered "yes" to 48 of 129 questions, making you 62.8% geek pure (37.2% geek corrupt); that is, you are 62.8% pure in the geek domain (you have 37.2% geek in you).

Your Weirdness Factor (AKA Uniqueness Factor) is 34%, based on a comparison of your test results with 141774 other submissions for this test.

The average purity for this test is 80.4%.

The first submission for this test was received December 30, 1995.

:haha: :haha:

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windows 3.x only has 256 colors max while windows 9x still has high color and true color.....i still have a 486dx pc in my house :haha: :haha:

Still have one of the old 8088's around here somewhere.......  Been considering contacting the Smithsonian about it.........  Scary thing is, it would probably boot if I dared plug it in.  :haha: :haha:

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