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2 guilty in nation's first felony spam case


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Associated Press

LEESBURG, Va. -- A brother and sister who sent unsolicited junk e-mail to millions of America Online customers were convicted Wednesday in the nation's first felony prosecution of distributors of spam.

After returning their verdict, jurors immediately began deliberating punishments for Jeremy D. Jaynes, 30, and Jessica DeGroot, 28, both of the Raleigh, N.C., area. Each could receive jail terms for fraudulently sending junk mail.

A third defendant, Richard Rutkowski, was acquitted. Jurors deliberated 1

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Damn right.. lock those bastards in jail for a while!! Or allow every person that ever got spam from them to send them each 10 email.. then see how they like it... Make them take a test on what they read in the emails.. and then if they dont get the question right they add like a day to their sentence.. :lol:

I hope they don't have computers in American jails. I'm inclined to believe that Dutch prisons are luxureus enough that they provide a state-of-the-art computer plus 100 Mbps fiber to prisoners.

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Well, the verdict is in, and the sentence is stiff. bow.gif The world of spamming should learn a valuable lesson from this. Hopefully spammers and the fraudulent scams they bring with them will start to come to an end. clap.gif

excerpt taken from "Spammer Sentenced to Nine Years in Jail"

Jeremy Jaynes is apparently regretting the use of false domains to spam millions of computers, but he may be a pinch late, as the jury charged with the duty of evaluating his case has recommended a nine year jail sentence.

Full story here: Spammer sentenced to nine years

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