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Speeds Linksys Befcmu10 V2

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Just go to the web site and look over the firmware yourself.  I used it for years until I upgraded my router.  As I stated previous its straight is in (in my opinion) its ability to increase your transmit power.  I no longer use the software because my system is now all G standard and its fast. 

Remember by default most linksys routers usually transmit around 50 % or less the Hyperwrt firmware was initially created (I think) to improve those settings.  Thus, improve your router.  But read what the web site has to say and post in this forum for more information. 

I hope I have been of some help.



P.S. Below is a cut and paste of the improved features of the hyperwrt firmware:

HyperWRT has these added features :

    * Adjustable Transmit Power

    * Antenna Select

    * 13 Wireless Channels

    * 'Boot Wait' flash protection

    * Increased Port Forwarding & Triggering Fields

    * Increased Qos Device & Application Fields

    * Increased Access Restrictions Policies & Blocked Services Fields

    * Command Shell

    * Telnet Daemon

    * Startup & Firewall Scripts

    * Uptime

    * Reboot Button

    * Hidden features in the Linksys firmware

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