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There are a few topics about this already.

From what I know. You'd need special software to "bond" two connections.

Even then, you would still have two seperate IP addresses. So when you go to load a webpage, part of the page loads from one connection while the rest loads thorugh the other.

In theroy that could make your connection seem faster. But large files, a speed test for example, would only load from one IP address since it's only one file, there for, you would be downloading large files as fast as one IP could get them.

To explain a little more:

Say you have two 5Mb connections. You bond them together. You go to Testmy.net. Some of the site, the images load from one 5Mb connection. The rest of the page loads from the other 5Mb connection. It's faster than one 5Mb connection, because the files are coming from two routes.

Now you  download a 10Mb file. Since it's only one 10Mb file, the file can not be split between the two IP address. So the file downloads at a max speed of 5Mb.

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