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Please congratulate the folling members on rank upgrades

Cobra, luwigie, VanBuren -- All gained "mini PiMP" rank

Shug7272 -- gained "Cool Guy... but a total wierdo!" rank hahaha I rule. :tongue:


I HATE you im never comming back.... :cry::cry::cry:

ASS :lol::lol:

Thanks man and congrats to Cobra, Luwigie and Van Buren.


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Congrats all.

CA3lE...is there any provisions for allowing members to type their own description?

It's been quite awhile since I slapped down a ho...in fact, I don't think I ever have. So being a pimp isn't really too fitting for me. :lol:

Yea, Troll Guy got hooked up, if I ever get to that level I want one of those kick ass personal ratings from Cable Guy, Im a Kansas City Chiefs freak so I was hoping for a "Chief" rating with some sort of KC Arrowhead logo integrated..... But I think Im alot of B******s and dropping the soap in front of CA3LE till I get there. :wink:

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maybe man... hehe' date=' stop yer bitchin' your the ONLY person on the site with a "Cool Guy... but a total wierdo!" rank... that's pretty cool..... you fuckin' wierdo, you. :lol:[/quote']

AND JUST WERE IS THE "BITCHING" you are refrencing? huh...HUH..thats what I thought nooo bitching. I like my rank. :D

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I have never smoked anything in my life.

Drinking, yes. Smoking is stupid. I am just naturally fucked up.

8) oh yea I forgot, you shoot heroine.. I was mixing you up with another member. :lol:

I quit smoking cigs myself about 4-5 months ago now.. I feel AWESOME! :P

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