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FF 95,000,000 Downloads


Out of all those downloads do any of you still have Firefox installed?  

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  1. 1. Out of all those downloads do any of you still have Firefox installed?

    • FF is the shit'
    • I use it as a second browser
    • Im testing it'
    • I might give it a try
    • It sucks' I got rid of it

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I didn't like it' so i got rid of it' i can't deny that its fast but to my taste its not what im used to and it made some of  the websites i visit the most look weird and i didn't like that' as for security reasons i honestly don't care about it' thats why i have AV, Firewall and spyware software to get rid of it' point is IE is my browser of choice and im willing to try FF in a few years when they fix the bugs that pushed me away from it.

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I know most of ya'll will laught but i actually like aol explorer and use that as my main browser but i use ff sometimes when i know i dont want to leave to many traces behind. for some reason every1 knows how to check the history on any ie browser but forget about it as soon as they c firefox also ff has a nice dl maneger

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I must be missing something - I use ff and middle click on the things I want to see. I then go back and look at each tab and when done click on the close box which never moves. I can open 30 windows and read each one, and then close it without moving the mouse. I can look at things a lot faster and with less trouble then using IE. For ex I can middle click on all posts on a forum page and go back and read each one in about a tenth of the time that it would take to do it with IE. I have been using ff for a few years.

Also Opera is better then ff and IE.

I do not understand why anybody would use IE except the 1 site in 25000 that does not work with ff

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my computer is secured' it looks great and im happy with it' So are you tellin me that FF is so secure that yo dont need plugins and extensions and absoloutely no AV and firewall? If thats the case i'll switch to FF since its so secure'

FF protects u against spyware.. After using IE for websites, I had 10 objects that were identified as spyware by ad-aware.. When i use FF i never get anything, even if i go to websites that are from questionable authors and have popups, etc :D

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