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Which is better Sygate or Zone Alarm?


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i dont like norton or zone alarm. i have zone alarm and theres no reason that i even have it cuz i just close it when it loads on startup (technically it doesnt load but it has the same effects as if it were and i can get it to stop the loading thing- i have to open it so i can close it... :roll: ) cuz it logs me out of forums and thats just about all i do on the internet now. i might try sygate soon.

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Sygates not bad, ZA is garbage. the 2 best firewalls i have found are Tiny personal Firewall and Agnitum outpost. These are the only 2 that passed all the leak tests i threw at them. they both have small resource footprints also.

ZA is so full of holes its not even funny, i highly recommend you switch to anything but that and ultimately 1 of the i posted :)

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I'm not too fond of personal firewalls, unless you've only got a single computer on your network. Technically security should be "defense in depth", so if you've got a personal firewall it's all for the better--But I don't think they are especially useful if you're running a nat'ing router at your perimeter. Chances are if anything, that the firewall is going to detect outbound traffic that you weren't aware of (i.e. spyware/downloaded virus garbage etc.)

If you are fairly safe about your browsing habits, AND you have a nat'ing router in place already, I would not worry about a personal firewall.

And if you are one of the lucky ones who have not had any problems with SP 2---the firewall built in is more than sufficient.

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