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I Dont Hate FF "not a hater"


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Before i get called i hater i just want to clear things up before that happens' I'm not a hater' I'm very bored and i like to e-argue but in good fun' since i don't really take things seriously when it comes to the internet. If i offend some of you' I apologize and just so all of you know I don't meant it'........ Lets have fun and e- argue about what browser is better' lol' i think FF is pretty good and even better than IE in some things...

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same settings' if i have to click on every ad that appears to block it its going to be hell to pay' look it looks evem more weird. before and after

I'll be back later' im reformatting  and installing my back up c drive image to get rid of any traces of FF...........

I haven't seen a Google add on testmy in months (sorry, CA3LE).

Just use the wildcard * like netmasta explained.

BTW, I was on IE7 a few days back, had issues and had to revert back to IE6.

I hope there is more to come with IE7, liked the tabbed browsing on it except in FF you can right click anything and 'open in new tab'.

IE7 did not have that option in the favorites pull down.

And when I expanded the drop down menus, the browser would just close  :angry5:

Should have started a new topic - sorry.

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i did that too' but im back on IE I'll try later when i make a new C drive back up image with new configurations before i install FF again.

Btw'  IE7 is still in Beta mode..........

I understand the beta part, I'm not hating IE7 in any way.

I should have looked to correct the problems I had with it, but figured I'll let the Einsteins do that and then go back to when it is final.

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