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Clearing Prefetch.


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It's a good idea to clear out your prefetch folder periodically. It clears out old programs that pull files to load up at boot time which are no longer needed or installed. However, the first time after you reboot after clearing your prefetch folder, it will take longer to boot, as the prefetch has to be built back up.

Try rebooting...and then use your pc for normal for a few hours, and then reboot again. It should be a lot quicker this time, and your prefetch folder should start repopulating auto-magically.


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i used to clear prefetch regularly until i read this article...now i let windows

do its own thing



This is true you dont have to clean it your self windows will clean it after so long but if you read that link it also talks about a program that does it for you called CCleaner, now you have to ask your self, do you want to load and install another program onto your computer to clean your prefetch regularly? do you want to wait for windows to clean it up for you and hope it cleans it all, then how do you know with out going into the file and looking to see?? or just del them when you want or when you are doing a clean up on you computer??? ask your self what you want its your computer whats better for you and easyer  :idea: :idea: :lol:

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