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Free Ram XP Pro'


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I'm not completely sure, but that reg hack looks like it disables your paging/swap file. That isn't really a good idea, especially if you usually end up using more memory than you have installed. Having a very small paging file and a good amount of physical memory would help your computer work faster though.

Perhaps Netmasta should have used the term tweak to avoid confusion but "HACK" is a correct term to describe what he was commenting about my tweak........

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Hey all:

I think The Half mistook what this topic was about.Apparently he had a topic or post edited for posting about

a copy of Windows XP Pro he was putting on several PC's Or thats the way I understood his post here.

If he had read he would have seen this topic is about FreeRAM XP Pro a program to free up some of the RAM very helpful if you don't have as much RAM as you would like.

So The Half just needs to read what the topic is about before he posts.

He can correct me if I got it wrong.

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got 1G of ram

dont have any problem with ram my self

I use cachemanXP even tho i have 2GB of RAM, it tweaks alot of other settings beside recover RAM, the recover RAM has never been activated on my system yet hehe

It dosent give the same result on this system as the old PC with 512MB of RAM, but it does help.

VanBuren :)

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Welcome to the forum maxinnejr  :wave:

I like the girl in your avator and sig.  ;)


In simple terms it helps extremely to speed up a computer to a degree. Although you can have more RAM than is necesary. My comp will actually hold 4 GB's of RAM, but that would be wasted, because I would never use it. 2GB's is plenty for now.  :cool:


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