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Can i limit bandwidth?


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Yea i tried that program. It doesnt limit ip addresses (like even though it seems like it can

It should work

quote from Netlimiter help

"Network Configuration Wizard

Network Configuration Wizard (NTC) is intended for configuration of computer networks your compter can access and their appearance in NetLimiter. Most computers have only one network adapter and access to only one computer network, but some machines may have access to more than one computer network. Note that one network is mostly related to one network adapter (dial-up modem, ethernet card, etc.).

NCW's only job is to devide your networks into two zones. First of the zones is called "Internet" and second "Local". By moving any network to "Internet" zone you're telling NetLimiter that this network is used to connect computer to the internet. When you move network to "Local" then it means, that this networks is local type of network, such as LAN. Network zones are used in NetLimiter Statistics module to measure "internet" and "local" traffic separately.

If you need to make any changes to your adapter or network settings, you can run NCW manually using menu command - Tools->Network Configuration Wizard. If you don't need to adjust anything then you can leave this tool alone. If any change in your network configuration occurs (you add new adapter, adapter's IP changes) than NCW will run automaticaly. NCW will also run on the first start of NetLimiter.

Using NCW

NCW doesn't require more user input than it is necessary. For each of your networks you have got to decide whether it belongs to internet or local zone. Every network is identified by its mask IP address. NCW always tries help you, where to move the adapter. So if you're not sure about what's going on in the NCW, you can easily bypass questions by confirming pre-selected option.

Beginners into networking should have known, that IP addresses beginning with 192 and 168 (for example are used for LAN networks only, so adapters with these address should be moved into "Local" adapter zone."

VanBuren :)

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Yes but in the actuall program' date=' i didnt see any options where i would be able to set a limit on a specific adapter.[/quote']

do you have several adapters on the PC that you want to limit?

Netlimiter has to be installed on the PC that you want to limit, then it will find your network adapter.

VanBuren :)

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