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Yeah, awsome game. Rainbow Six Lockdown was a dissapointment. :(

What kills me is that this series started on the PC, and later made appearances on the consoles. Ubisoft is acting like console fan boys. I know that there's more money in the console market, but I don't respect disloyalty. Since the first Rainbow Six in 1998 (before any console versions were available), I've been playing their games, and they turn around and stab me in the back. Lets not even talk about Politika from 1997.

I'm disappointed in Ubisoft/Red Storm Ent. for not releasing Lockdown on the PC first. The good thing is that after seeing how bad the game is on the console, the PC version has been completely rebuilt from the ground up which is largely due to the complaints of hardcore PC gamers. It was made quite clear to Ubisoft that we wouldn't even consider buying the game if the PC version is turned into an awful Run & Gun Shooter. As of right now, the PC series will stay true to its Tactical Strategy roots. Ubisoft listened. :)

EDIT: The PC version of Lockdown should be far better.

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