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Part of my network has gone down???


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I run a Linksys router with wireless signal booster to supply my home network which connects 3 pcs and a wireless laptop. All was well until yesterday when suddenly I've lost all but my main connection. (The wireless ISP signal comes into the house through a router and splits with one line going directly to our main pc and another line running back into a hub to connect the rest of the house). I've checked all my connections and rebooted both the wireless adapter, router and pc's but I can't connect to anything else on my home network?? Any suggestions?

Could it be the router??? :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Some time ago I had a problem kinda like that.. My splitter was faulty and was causing the modem to not pick up the cable singnal.. The ISP repairman came and changed the splitter and everything was fine.. It could be that, but however it could be also the connecting cables from the router -> modem or router -> splitter.. I've never had problems with my cables, but it could be a reason why the connection would not work.. Does your internet work if you directly connect the modem to only one pc? That way we can eliminate the splitter problem.. :)

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