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Please help I have an error when shutting down


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I just installed a new Kingston 533 DDR II 1 gig module into my Inspiron 9300 and I get this error message when I shutdown my computer can any one help me as to what this exec file belongs to and does this mean my ram is bad?

I have since run Registry Mechanic 5.0 and repaired all files it recognized as in error and I also ran MemTest 86 for over 3 hours and came up with no errors on this single 1 gig module the other dimm is open.

please help

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That is strange usually those erorrs are because of your ram. Let memtest run overnight sometimes it won't catch a error for awhile. You can also try swithcing that stick of Ram to the other slot.

To see what program that is i forget how to trace that i will look it up later tonight if i have time.

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hey milchma,i was reading you're post and was lookin at those screen shots......

nvsvc32.exe is a windows process that belongs to the NVIDIA graphics card drivers. This process should not be removed(so it says) to ensure that your graphics card drivers is working properly.

Well,let me tell ya,this is one of the processes that i have disabled, for me personally i have disabled alot of windows processes to make my pc run faster and i have no problems with this process disabled.

But,as lorne said,those are errors are because of you're RAM,if you have tried switching you're RAM to another slot and eveything possible to fix this problem and nothing works,maybe try disabling nvsvc32.exe .

here's the link if you want to read up on it.http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/nvsvc32.exe.html

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Video drivers are notoriously hard to get rid of. If the previous drivers were ATI than they provide a uninstaller/cleaner on their site. Not sure if Nvidia does or not but it would be worth a look. Also if you google driver uninstallers there are some 3rd party programs.

Or you can uninstall and run a Reg cleaner to get rid of the entries in the registry. Reg Cleaner and CCleaner are pretty good free ones. Sorry haven't got the links at the moment and its bedtime for me. Google will find em for ya :)

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