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Direcway VPN


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there is ways around the non static ip, but the latency issues for the sat connection seems a rather major snag. if what ghostmaster said is true, the speed issue part that is, maybe you are better off using an actual dialup connection for the stuff that needs to go over a secure vpn and the sat for the not so critical stuff.

there are plenty of vpn routers available, i don't know of course with what kind of counterpart you are setting up the vpn, but if it is your employer maybe the people in the it department might have a few ideas.

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Its not just the fact that the IP isnt static, it's a NAT address assigned to your modem by the NOC router.  So not only is it dynamic, its not routable.  That's where the static IP comes in.  You get a full public address.  It really makes everything work so much better when you upgrade to professional.  Not to mention that you get US based support as opposed to "my name is safara juhaghdi, but you can call me Alex" support.

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Thanks for all the very good information. I am trying to connect from home to a church. I do temperature control and would like to get into their computer remotely rather than having to drive 45 minutes to the site. The computers both run WinXP.

It's somewhat odd to see such enthusiasm for a DW product like the 7000! You don't see many positive comments about DW! I don't see an upgrade path from the 6000 (like they have for the 4000 to the 6000). And I don't think I'd get $30 more of value from a professional plan; unless I could get my employer to spring for the difference. But there's three chances of that...slim, fat, none.

Looks like VPN with my current setup is not much of an option.

What do you know about VNC?

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Are you using XP professional?  If so, just enable remote desktop with stripped down options.  Works great for me and my office.  I think PCanywhere uses citrix ICA?  or maybe a comparable protocol?  If so, it should work about the same.  Just tune down some of the options and should work great!

As far as upgrades to the 7000 are concerned, they have to get the other satellites ready for the 7000 first.  They are allowing a free upgrade to some of the beta testers now so I would look for it in the coming months. :) 

*Also, if you are using a router, make sure port 3389 is forwarded for RDP if you use that.  Im not sure what port PCAnywhere uses.

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