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Winternals ERD


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I'm currently running off a copy of winternals, if you don't know, visit http://www.winternals.com/Products/ERDCommander/

It's like a live Windows XP...only with lots of cool things...and it costs $149...which I of course did not pay.

Anyone else here ever hear of this/have used it? One of the best pieces of software I have ever used. I crashed my Media Center today after trying to restart from Windows Update being finished, and everything went downhill from there. What do I do??? Aha, my friend has this disc that he is constantly using to change admin passwords with ease, I think I'll borrow it.


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i'm gonna beat a dead horse, but with a twist. you admitted to theft, knowing you were anonymous to the web. however, your ip and time of posting was logged, so the mods here basically know exactly who you are.

this brings up some interesting legal questions. first, are the mods, knowing of your identity and your admission of guilt, making themselves accessories to copyright infringement by not reporting you to the authorities? second, can the authorities subpoena this information from the site operator(s) to pursue the matter?

with this said, maybe it would be better if people didn't flaunt these kinds of "exploits" of theirs, if only to protect the operator(s)/mods of the site. it would be a pity if the site was closed due to legal action because of bragging.


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Again, your point is? I mentioned several, well twice, that my friend simply gave me a backup copy o f it. He most likely got it off Limewire. I have refused to even download that program or any other p2p program just because 1) I don't wanna get caught and 2) It is (as you have blatantly pointed out) a sick bird--illegal, get it?  :lol:

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