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i need some major help here


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i've been using limewire pro.......i downloaded a game from someone and not too long after i used it i noticed that there was another folder in my shared list of music and files to share........i then looked in it and noticed that there were hundred of .ZIP files there that i know i didn't download

after that i kinda quit using the program.......but just this past friday i started using it.....soon as i was connected my shared files # started to sky rocket by the hundred and i didn't know what to do

finally i just stopped sharing that folder......after that it stopped downloading them but then i couldn't find the folder in which they were in.........i then looked at my memory and b4 i started my PC up i had 36 GB of free memory left which is about 90% of my total memory

after i shut off limewire i noticed that there was about 14 GB left of memory and i couldn't tell where most of the spade went

i have ever since then been trying to get rid of these files permanantly......i have found out what it is and i found the file also.......BUT when i delete all the porn and shit in there which is in .ZIP format it just returns about 20 mins later.....not every single thing but the longer i don't look at the file the more things show up.......after about an hour i've had about 400 more ZIP files show up at around 505KB per file......b4 i deleted them i had like 28 thousand files

okay now my questions are:

what can i do to find out whats downloading this material along with how to delete the folder in which the data is being placed

the folder is the normal COMPLETE folder used by most download managers for their completed files

if u can help me out here it would be most aprecciated

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first off i have learned that its bad to download games or software from p2p programs because most of the time they have viruses or some sort. Second instead of trying to delete all the files and viruses u have... just reformate ur windows it will delete all the viruses and bad files. if there is any files u dont want to loose save them to a disk.

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