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Copy Of XP


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Performance of this copy is it working great or have problems

sounds to me like he /is/ running a stolen xp, and he wants to know how to be able to update it without having to pay for it.

and if you tell someone how to operate a firearm, you don't expect him to go out and use the knowledge. if in a certain case you do, you make yourself responsible for what happens. and i fully expect demon2 to use all the info given to him to commit a crime.

A bootable copy will work, you’ll have to do some research to update it at times, but you should be ok. Of course, this is for educational purposes only and I do not endorse illegal stuff.

if sugarcoating it helps you to turn a blind eye, good for you.

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I can answer this post easily and it should leave it closed to debate. I have been using a "free" version of win xp pro forever now. I have the copy I paid for but this copy has alot of junk ripped out and A TON of awesome mods. It boots in about 8 seconds and is fully functional. Theres the answer to the question. It will auto update as well. :) I downloaded it from the internet and burned it to DVD. It is bootable.

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