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Help! My mouse icon is missing!


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i guess you mean the mouse pointer. if there is no mouse plugged in, it should be there anyways... are your otyher problems possibly malware related? if so try right clicking and moving the mouse around, if the pointer is merely set to a single pixel or transparent a context menu should appear somewhere. you can then go to the control. panel to reset it. or you can go there via the keyboard, and also try setting the accessibility options for a keyboard control of the mouise if it is indeed the mouse itself having trouble. and do make sure it is plugged in. otherwise a little more info would help in solving troubles.

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I have no mouse arrow.  I went into CP and clicked on mouse...but don't really know what I'm looking for there.  I checked to make sure the mouse was clicked in...that was the first thing I checked.  I also can not right click on the mouse...the mouse is 100% dead...

My other problems can't even be fixed until I get the mouse working...then I'll tell you about the other problems

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Randon: I got your e-mail on this.First Have you made sure the mouse is still plugged into the mouse port in the back of your PC or plugged in well.Second do you have another mouse you could try.If you do plug it in & reboot to let your PC detect & install it.

If that doesn't work go to System Properties Device Manager Mouse & remove any mouse that is installed there & reboot .This will let Windows reinstall the mouse it detects.If that doesn't fix it post the brand of your mouse & if you have a driver for it that came on floppy or CD.

That should get you started .

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I got this cool mouse in which the cursor moves from right to left and top to bottom!

Like if it is at the bottom and you move down it appears at the top and if you move out the right it comes to the left and vice versa. Saves a lot of time and no more money then your regular run of the mill cheap mouse.

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