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This goes to show how prepared our state/local borough's are...


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Well last night we got hit with a snow storm and the remnants of Wilma. Our state and our local borough's didn't have salt ready, nor did they have plows on the truck's. I understand why, its Oct. 25th for gods sake. But we got 6-8 inches of snow last night and in turn our entire county doesn't have school today. But this goes to show how un prepared our state(PA) is to deal with fast acting snow..... I love it and I hate it.

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yeah. when it snowed we had to walk 25 miles uphill both ways carrying an iron stove to thaw out the schoolhouse. if we wanted water we lowered the smallest kid in the class into the well with an icepick to collect chips of ice and we had to stick them in our shirts in a bladder to melt them. you had to put leaves on the toilet seat in the outhouse so your ass wouldn't freeze to the seat.

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