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What is the fastest internet in Puerto Rico


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i have adelphia. of course same problem with outages when the power goes out. (seems like every frickin time it rains) some slowdowns, but i have had pretty good handling by their customer service. i had a complete outage (some tech had pulled my cable at the node) i called, spent an hour on the phone and 4 hours after i picked up the phone a tech was here to fix it. spped is advertised as 3/256 i get above 3 down, usually around 3.5 as high as 4.5 and up is a reliable 440.

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:haha: :haha: :haha:

fios in pr. good one.

but seriously. infrastructure here is so bad, that very few urbanizations (gated communities) would be hooked up anytime soon. i'm glad that they have cable here. dsl is pretty well spread out too, except for the fact that the local telco sucks, and the connections are sporadic in addition to the telco blocking all ports, with no way to get them to open them. if you want to set up a pcanywhere connection using the standard ports you have to request what they call a 'tunnel' to get that port opened between your ip and the other. and you have to specify that well in advance. so much for ad hoc.

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