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AMD XP vs. Intel Celeron

Who would you choose  

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  1. 1. Who would you choose

    • AMD Athlon 2000+ XP
    • Intel 2.5 Celeron

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One of my friends and I are going to benchmark our systems. It is an eMachines vs. a custom.

My specs(custom)

Shuttle ak32a

320 mb ram pc-133 (256+64)

40gb Western Digital 7200rpm

ATI Radeon 32mb pci graphics card(dont laugh!!) :shock:

AMD 2000+ Athlon not over clocked 266 bus L1 128kb, L2 256kb, 1.67ghz

Windows 2000 pro sp4

My Friends Specs ( eMachines T2542)


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HAHAHHAHA, Emachines ... Sorry but the XP 2000+ will blow the celeron out of the water.

Don't get an Nvidia 5700 ~~ get a Radeon 9800 or a 9800 pro, I have personally benchmarked the 9800 & 9800Pro, 5700 and 5900 ~~~ nothing can touch ATI's higher end cards... NOTHING!

Here are a couple of posts i have written...



I run an AMD 2100+ ... and swear by AMD and ATI both, My 2100+ is old news right now (got it a very long time ago) but still I have yet to see any of my friends and co-workers touch my performance, some of them have 2.5-3GHz P4 machines (and my chip is only running at about 1.7GHz, I have 1Gb of ram, Asus board and Radeon 9800 Pro) ~ Stick with AMD and ATI they will never let you down.

If you do get a lower end card though (in the $100-$130 range) I would get a NVidia card, they do have that market pretty locked down. :)

By the way... get yo azz some DDR memory BRA! ~~~ You can't even image the difference! And stop mixing and matching memory chips, you need to have 128/256/512/1024 ~~ keep it uniform and your system will benifit ... take out the mis-matching 64MB chip you have in there and run with 256MB, you will see a difference even though you will have less memory, the computer will be able to write to the RAM easier. (I would persoanlly just make key chains out of all that old memory and get ONE nice 512MB - that will dramatically boost you :) ~~ even more if your board can take DDR and you get yourself a 512 DDR)

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After reading this post my friend decided that benchmarking wouldnt be as much fun as he thought. Since then he has bought a BFG Technologies FX5200 256mb PCI graphics card. Saddly he doesnt have an AGP port for this new card. I guess that is what you get for $400... I on the other hand have done nothing to my setup. I am thinking about getting some OCZ ram at pc2100. If you want to see a sweet setup check out the build it faster post in the Overclocking/Product Feedback. Lorne is building a Pimputer based around the Amd 64bit processor.

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WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T GET AN AN7 (yet)!!! The AN7 has HUGE issues right now due to it being in it's first revision. I mean, look at the NF7, this is it's 3rd revision and they still have problems with somethings. For the AN7 things range from uGuru being ubber gay and not working right to no sound at ALL to poorer performance than it's sibling NF7. Just don't get an AN7, and the uGuru isn't even worth it, it takes the fun out of overclocking it manually :D .

And on a side note, the athlon will smoke the celeron out of the water. Pure and simple. Hell the athlon will probably beat the P4 of same speed (non celeron).

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You might want the cable company to install a booster on you line!! That is almost the exact same problem that I had with comcast!! THey installed the filter and my connection was back to stable. They added to many people to the line and I then got shafted as a result! :cry: But now I am all better.

::: Download Stats :::

Connection is: 4401 Kbps about 4.4 Mbps (tested with 1496 KB)

Download Speed is: 537 KB/sec

Auth Code: 2066016 (validate a http://www.testmy.net)

Bottom Line: 79 times faster than 56K you can download 1MB in 1.91 second(s)

Validation Link :: https://testmy.net/cgi-bin/auth_check.cgi?ta=&top=&num=2066016&kbps=4401&gen=gen&a=12.5714285714286&b=0.571428571428571&c=1145.14285714286

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My next chip is going to be a P4 I don't like celerons but I am leaning more and more towards the P4 if you look at the specs of overclocking a p4 vs a AMD then its just insane. I am done with all the glory of having what ever he said she said crap. Not many people can really say one way or the other because they have only had one or the other.

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Personally I dont like intel... AMD does have a 64-bit chip... but it isnt the first!!! The Apple G5 had the first 64bit chip. Now one made a big deal about it but now since the windows users have 64bit it is huge... I am not a fan of Apple because Apple cant do anything other then video editing and mutimedia production. As for which chip I would use.... The same chip that is on the pimputer accept I would wait till winchester comes out for the 939 platform. This release will add the speed of the 64bit processor along with the speed of Dual channel!!! So until Intel reveals or decides that the consumer needs to have 64bit AMD, to me, is the current way to go. So far AMD is the only chip manufacturer that has released a roadmap and some detailed specs about the upcomming processors! :D

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Besides, Intel is having issues with increasing the speeds of their processors, especially with heat and such with only a stock heatsink. They've even said themselves that they're running out of ways to boost the clock speeds on modern architectures; and AMD has similar scores to P4, but with a lot lower clock speed...(P4: 3.2ghz, AMD: 2.4ghz). Put the 2 at same clocks and amd will SMOKE p4. And nobody made such a huge hype about Apple's first 64bit cuz the amount of people using apple is a LOT less than people using x86 platforms...

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Yeah no kidding... AMD might not be able to over clock like an Intel but they dont need to. They can beat most of the Intel chips stock. Remember once the 64bit processor becomes standard I think that the chip will be come more overclockable. The current chips are based on the server chip. Which is not made to be overclocked! I think we can expect some great things from AMD in the near future!!! I mean some really great thing! We will see if Intel ups the release date for their 64bit processor. 8)

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Well I have never had a P4 but I have had alot of AMD's and to be frank with you the P4 with a northbridge is in my choice over the AMD XP and probley MP for that matter I havn't seen enough on the P4 extreme edition or the AMD's 64 bit to decided between the two... but yah AMD does not exactly have a good reputation of being to hot either... I have seen way to many AMDs fry as well... once again I mean the numbers sway towards P4's but I personally want to see myself...

alittle bit of info for when your on the pot... (Because its pretty long) so print it out and use it for TP afterwards... I might have missed something so you guys tell me what you think... http://www17.tomshardware.com/cpu/20031223/index.html

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