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Anyone know if a T1 can be split into 24 voice channels?

TraNsEdgE 01

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I was looking on google and saw that a t1 can be split up into 24 voice channels, now would thismean 24 different phone #'s and could you just break it in 2 voice channels and the rest data and what kind of equiptment would you need to get to succesfully do this?

NO, it means that a T1 can Handel 24VOIP calls at once, optimally. on my connection i can handell 4-6 calls at once. and i have 394kbps of upload bandwidth.

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well, evileveningchicken or whatever, dlewis is mistaken. the 64k up/down of the 24 channels would hardly be sufficient to handle a voip call. if you have a t1, which you don't, and you never will get in spite of having gotten pretty much all the info necessary to make a decision months ago, you can set the equipment on your end up to handle 24 simultaeneous voice calls. the phone number issue is usually handled by giving you a 10 digit phone number (xxx) xxx-xxxx and the option to assign internal extensions. making your phone number for a phone hooked up that way (xxx) xxx-xxxx ext. xxxx.

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Hello I have never dealt with the VOIP equipment but from past research I believe the following information may be of use to you. First I think if a integrated T1 line would be a opition for you it may be the best way to go here here are a couple link and a little bit of info I hope this is a help to you.

Here is the link with more info on thee integrated t1


Integrated T1 Line:

An Integrated T1 Line is one of the most popular T1 solutions for small businesses because it provides local telephone service, long distance, and bandwidth all on a single connection and a single bill. The consolidation of these services with one company is more convenient and more cost effective than purchasing them from separate providers. Just as a Fractional T1 line only turns on a portion of a T1 Line for Internet access, special equipment allows some of the T1 channels to be allocated for telephone lines, while others are used for data transmission and Internet access. For example, a Full Integrated T1 line could be divided in half using special equipment, providing 12 high quality telephone lines and using the other 12 channels for 768k of bandwidth. Fractional Integrated T1 lines are also available, but most companies have minimum levels such as 4 phone lines and 512k of Internet access, which only uses 12 channels combined. Many offers even include "blocks" of free long distance, usually based on the number of telephone lines being installed. A typical offer might include 6 phone lines(6 channels), 512k (8 channels), and 600 minutes of free LD each month (100 per telephone line). This entire circuit could have a total cost as low as $400 to $500 per month, which is a tremendous "all inclusive" bargain for small businesses. This is a perfect total solution for literally thousands, if not millions, of small companies across the nation. One thing to keep in mind is that not all providers can offer Integrated T1 Lines, so the ones that do typically focus a great deal of their sales efforts on this service.

This link may be of help in finding a provider to fit your needs


If you decide to put something together your self here is a link where you can get the equipment


I hope this helps you also I hope everything I have posted here is correct if I am mistaken in any way feel free to correct me  ;) 

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