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20000 Members, WOW !! we are almost there


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. . .some of the links from yesteryear just bring you back here...but I did notice a site "Hit Counter", does CA3LE still have it active (but hidden)?  I think he should put one up where "News" is. . .that would be cool.  :cool:  50,000,000 hits!!

I used to have a hit counter a long time ago.  I took them off because I started getting so much traffic I actually broke a few hit counters... like seriously, hehe.  I do use a hidden counter from statcounter.com but I can only get detailed information on the last 100 people from them, I have more detailed stats and far more indepth stats held on my own server though.. but I still keep statcounter.com's stuff up because it's more convenient.

Since I installed statcounter.com's code (which wasn't too long ago.. not going to give you an exact date though) I have had 5,011,705 visitors and 217,862,638 page views.. haha  -- just to put my traffic into perspective by the time I finish writing this sentance I would have got about 40-80 more people to the site and hundreds of page views. 

I could show the counter at the bottom of the site, but I personally think it looks kinda tacky :-P

I used to have up at the top a counter that showed how many people were online also... it's still on the front page, but doesn't show the people that didn't either hit a forum page or the front page... so if they went directly to the download page or any other page on the site they don't show in that total...  ehh I dunno  :-D

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