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20000 Members, WOW !! we are almost there


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Guest jeffwalker9999

i'd say 9pm to 10pm pst for the magic number

last I saw has 19992 at a few min before 8pm pst

so close - so close

Glad to be a member

and best wishes to all

[tt]Look For My URL's Of::: ( on-line soon )




(on-line soon )


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according to the number displayed on hovering bobber77 is it.

welcome bobber77 -- member number 20K :-P  --- by the way, the member count you see in the stats is off because there have been a few people in the history of the site that have requested their accounts to be completely removed ;-)

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The numbers ??????

I just wonder if there were other members that signed in as new members just to inflate the number. I read in some other thread that there were other people that signed in as someone else and also others that were kicked out and signed in as someone else to get back in.

ok, say a third of the members did that. that still means we're at 15000, which isn't bad.

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yep we made it...and guess what...

i was right!!!... :haha:

Christmas Day 2005...

nanny nanny :P

wonder what i won???

yep...there r those who make more than one name in here...some actually use both at the same time...and there is no way of knowing how many and who...but the point is...the member base is 20 times larger than it was December 31, 2004 the last member to register in 2004 was number 1054 (corvette) page 11 of 196 pages of the member list sorted by date registered...

that's right Dec 31, 2004 we had 11 pages of members...today we have 196 pages...WOW...huh?

yeh i love this place...so sue me :P

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It happened on Dec.26... I don't believe that is Christmas  :tongue:

raptors892004...yesterday was the 26th and we crossed the line day before yesterday...the 25th...look at bobber77's profile http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=20000

or just breeze thru the posts above and the previous page...

don't worry about losing a day...u'll remember where u put it after the new year...got a hangover?? :D:haha:

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