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Do you think i can run a 8 man Ut2k4 line off this?

TraNsEdgE 01

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put it this way to run a UT dedicate server or most newer games not BF2 or COD2 you need at least this.

64MHz of CPU power per player

8-32MB of ram per player

64-128kbps of download bandwidth per player

128kbps minimum of upload bandwidth per player

256kbps of upload bandwidth is recommended

This info has been taken over the past year by running 1000's of dedicated games you need alot of bandwidth to run it correctly.

There is no way in hell that you can run a 8 player UT dedicated server off that connection. you might be able to run a 2 play listen server

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lol you do not need 16 kB/s per person nor 32 kB/s , even BF2 needs only 8-10 kB/s per player so that is totally wrong. I run a 18 man off cable until the 5th on 768 on Enemy Terriotry and there are pings that stay in the 50's and some that get to 200 but there is no lag.

you have no idea what you are talking about. BF2 only 8-10Kb/s per play  :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: EA says to run a 8 player dedicated server you need 2mbps of upload bandwidth thats 250kbps per player. Enemy Territory does not require a big interent connection, that game is built off the wolfenstein, and it was  built to run good on a dial-up connection because back when the game came out 80% on the country was still on dial-up. on my dedicated server im connected on duel OC48 connection and I run 4 64player BF2 dedicated servers at once, along with many other game servers at the same time. So i know what im talking about. And once again there is no way in hell that you are running a 8 player dedicated server off that crappy 128kbps connection you have.

But ill tell you want you start up a 8 play ut2004 server on that 128kbps connection and leave it up ill start a 8 player UT2004 server on my connection and post the server name on testmy.net and well let the Testmy.net users who have UT2004 tell you how the game performs online.

have it up with in 1 1/2 hrs from when this message was posted.

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