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Instant Messengers

What would you rather use?  

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  1. 1. What would you rather use?

    • Aim
    • Yim
    • MSN
    • ICQ
    • All One Program
    • Or Other

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i've tried that and it doesnt really get me hard. (lol)

it froze my computer a few times im not happy about that ;

never had that happen to me in all the years ive been usng it. Ive got every one of my im address on the from aim to jabber. and it works better then the providers im clients

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I really don't care for AIM. I run an on-line radio station and take requests from listeners, and it's widely used, so that's why I have it.

I tried google IM, didn't like it either, but I hate learning new things because it takes up valuable RAM in my head.

Hate MSN messenger - it pops up - I HATE things that pop up at me - it reminds me of a very old lame horror movie called "the boogens".

Don't want trillian, don't like being "managed"...

ICQ is OK but seems to suck up too many system resources...

So yep, I'm all about yahoo IM. Maybe I just love the smileys. :P

Oh, and this spell check feature rocks!

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