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newbie here help please!!!!


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If your getting 2.5 your fine... Your NEVER going to get dead on the connection you order... you always loose some speed. Im paying for 3.0 and have never seen it pass 2.8Mbps

im paying for 3.0 as well and on small files i get about 5.0 and on large files a little over 3.4 :P

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Try this out and welcome to the forum. :D:D

Dont listen to the people who say you cant get the speed you pay for. I pay for 4 down and get about 4.1-4.6. You can get it you just need to tweek. VanBuren will be along shortly and he is the man at this.

:::.. Download Stats ..:::

Connection is:: 4355 Kbps about 4.4 Mbps (tested with 1496 KB)

Download Speed is:: 532 KB/s

Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/

Bottom Line:: 78 times faster than 56K you can download 1MB in 1.92 second(s)

Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/cgi-bin/get.cgi?Test_ID=WRBR584UC

This is my speed and I pay for 4Mbps down. :D Like I said wait a second for VanBuren, I wish I had a link to his tweek guide, he will hook you up.

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Thanks guys!!! I have the cable nut program I got it from this site' date=' but I have used it and it still is the same. But I was wondering if anyone knows of a custom setting for cablenut besides the ones in the program folder thanks!!!![/quote']

Hey jim

Try this first, i assume you have cable with a MSS of 1460 and use 3000 384 file

change DefultRcvWindow and GlobalMaxTcpWindoSize to 128480, you also need to set Tcp13230pts to 1.

click save to registry and reboot

good luck

VanBuren :)

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Sorry vanburen But I have sbc yahoo dsl Pro package with 3mbs down and about 384 up. Do you know what the setting are for it!! I also have Xp.I wanted cable but I like the stuff that came with dsl better!!!

heya jim

you need to find the right MSS value

1. open adjuster click delete cablenut tweaks, click save to registry, reboot your pc.

2. Now run this TCP analyzer http://forums.speedguide.net:8117/ and find the right MSS value.

3. Open cablenut again, browse to the folder with your MSS, choose the file thats suit your advertised speed, click save to registry again and reboot.

good luck

VanBuren :)

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I didnt say i was getting speeds of 6mbps on a 1.5mbps line. All i stated was the obvious. Whenever i start a download' date=' i always start out at 500+Kbps on the transfer speed. That doesnt mean I actually get that speed. I get 1.4mbps[/quote']

Thats because when you initiate a download it starts downloading the file while you are selecting what directory to save to and while it is bringing up the DL screen. So by the time your download screen comes up it shows you have downloaded alot of the file and says you have a HUGE DL speed, then as the DL continues it evens out to an accurate reading.

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