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hm. did you install off the original disk? one thing that comes to mind is a 'special' version of xp that might have some of its files replaced with junk/malware. that's the only explanation for the borked ping.com i can think of.

and ping should be an .exe, not a com. definitely something fishy.

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That is strange.

My window shows "Ping.exe" like resopalrabotnick is saying:

Also, I attached ping.exe from my PC (it works), try running it, see if you get good results.

I believe you will have to save it in c/windows/system32.

I would change the name ping.com to something like pingBAD.com temporarily, and then try pinging again.

If anyone else can jump in to help that would be great.

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My version of Windows IS legite. And another thing I just noticed is that my system32 folder is missing! How would that happen?

Check the folder properties to see if you are viewing Hidden and System Folders  under Tools menu, folder options > View Tab

With the ping issue, you may have a bit of malware on your machine see:  http://vic.zonelabs.com/tmpl/body/CA/virusDetails.jsp?VId=41687

Have you scanned with Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware/Malware software?

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