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Anyone else been testing this out?

It's a nice preview of what's to come from MS Office. The interface is user friendly and the new/updated features are a joy to use.

The Microsoft Office 12.0 pre-Beta 1 offers many ease-of-use interface tweaks, such as a slider bar in the bottom of each window for zooming in and out of page views. We hope that tabbed toolbar browsing, a welcome feature within Web browsers such as Firefox, will make navigating tasks and documents easier. Each task-oriented toolbar will have only the tools you need, with visual galleries of attributes and suggested layout to eliminate guesswork. You'll be able to make changes to attributes such as font style and watch your document transform in real time.

And rejoice if you've raged for eight years against Clippy. The dorky paper-clip cartoon is really dead; Office Assistant suggestions will no longer glibly interrupt your tasks. Unlike the late Clippy, a ghostly text-formatting toolbar hovers near your cursor; it fades or darkens in response to your mouse movements. Right-clicking a mouse will reveal the same task-specific menu choices as offered in the masthead banner.

Those wanting to put photos in documents will enjoy Word's new image-editing skills, allowing you to crop, alter brightness and even convert images into sepia tones. We're glad that Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access will finally share similar interface features. Developers will get the freedom to add their own tabs, items to tabs and gallery items to Office 12.0; and companies can build their own toolbars from scratch, if needed. Old, familiar add-ins will also work in the new Office. Users of previous versions of Office will like that Office 12.0 files are backward compatible through Office 97.

Word12 Pics:

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