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Google Talk Gets Video


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Google Talk users will be happy to know that the messenger is progressing nicely. :)

It's just added video.  :evil6:

The plug-in for Google Talk will enable users to hold video voice calls on a one-to-one basis or with groups as large as 200 people, as well as to share photos and applications with whoever's on the calls, according to Santa Cruz Networks.

More here: Google Talk Gets Video

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yeah 200's a little high google, might wanna try and testing it first before they just type shit out.

I'd hope that they've already taken it through rigorous tests before releasing it.

Google has one of the best track records around, so I'm pretty confident that it'll perform up to it specs.

I won't ever be on cam with anything close to 200 people though.  :haha:

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My gmail is censored@gmail.com add me I just got a new web cam and never really tested it out.

edit by just-:

reno i am editing your msg for your benefit

this forums get scanned daily by bots of goggle yahoo and other places and they also get scanned for people hunting for email address to spam

i don't think you or any one likes SPAM so i am deleting your email so it doesn't get caught in the SPAM network

if you wish to get Reno's gmail address please PM him

reno if you wish i can put your email back just let me know

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without even looking at it i would surmise the group calls with up to 200 people are set up with one person streaming his video out while the rest watch, like for corporate kissy kissy motivational type BS. if it works and it can also stream desktops it's not a bad solution for companies that are spread out and not big enough to warrant the investment into real conferencing software i guess.

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how would u even look at 200 camera convos at the same time.. joke:

Person 1: What's that you showing now Bob?

Person 2: *Zips pants* .. Nothing..

Person 3: Thank God for this amazing feature... At  least I saved a lot of money on my insurance by switching to Geico..

Person 1 and 2: SpeedRacer.jpg

yea.. a bit off topic so i'll shut up now :D

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