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What kind of music do u listen to?  

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  1. 1. What kind of music do u listen to?

    • Rap/hip hop
    • Rock(metal,punk,alternative...etc)
    • Jazz
    • Classical
    • Latin
    • Foreign
    • Oldies
    • other
    • more than one of the above

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today i played discs ranging from Biohazard to Crystal Method to Frank Black to Avril .....might even find some Tony Bennet or Dion in there on odd days....Big Yawn goes out to some classical & mostly all country-- i have no taste for.

Oh yea that Gypsy on TV, who blows the Pan Flute....Zumfir, is it? he sux too......


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I will listen to basically any artist who has something new to say, or is sonically unique, whether new or old.  If I have to choose a genre to be my favourite, I'd have to say rock or metal, 'cause you can really fuckin drink to it.  I like a lot of hip-hop, jazz, blues, trip-hop/d n' b/house, classical (if I'm in the mood), some world music (esp. flamenco/latin), and some older country (I have little use for the newer stuff).  I'll listen to anything that drives me, makes me think, or moves me emotionally.  However, 90% of the (commercial) music out there bores me stiff.

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For me rock would be my first choice.Not Punk rock, Some heavy metal is OK.

Second  Blues but some would call this rock examples Stevie Ray Vaughn.,Jimi Hendrix,B.B. King,or Janis  Joplin.

Third folk like Joan Baez or Bob Dylan.

Then country or bluegrass.

I don't care for hip -hop or rap but as long as you don't insist I should listen to more of it or should like it .I have no problem with those that like it listening to it.

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right now my taste in music has become pretty mych what my 16 month old likes. and let me tell you, he has a very interesting taste in music. some swing pieces get him rocking out, he likes the stones and ac/dc, village people, lot's of disco, some other classic rock and a few speed metal type songs also seem to do it for him. classical or mood music is not his cup of tea. opera is met with disdain.

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<- listens to:

Rock, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Blugrass, Grunge, Garage Band, Aternative, Gothic, Industrial, Oldies, Disco, EBM, Symphonic Goth Metal, Techno...


Everything BUT Country, Death Metal and Rap!


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