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Goodbye Direcway hello Wild blue


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Haven't posted much on this forum, but used it tremendously. Hate to leave it, but boy, Wild Blue, so far, is so much better. The FAP is almost nonexistent. The connection speed is 60 percent better and the download speed is 80 percent better. The upload speed is 400 percent better. The cost, compared to upgrading to the 7000 series, is less than half and the monthly cost is less. GET IT WHEN YOU CAN.

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O.K. I'll post again, since my post is not locked anymore. Why was that? Anyway, my only choice in this rural area is satellite. DirecWay or (just recently) Wild Blue. FYI pinged to testmy.net was 609ms. Pinging using DirecWay to testmy.net was usually 823ms. Latency on games is less than DirecWay on pc games (H2) and xbox live (H2), but still not real good. You wouldn't always lose, but often enough. If you can host the game and it is on your server, you are good to go, otherwise, forget it. Downloads on DirecWay (DW6000 Consumer account) averaged around 85K. Downloads on WB (pro pak) averages 225K. Uploads on DW was 4K. Uploads on WB is 30K. Connections on DW was around 990K. WB is 1500K. FAP on DW was 169meg, WB is 22Gig per month. That's all I can tell you at this time, but my local WB provider (rural electric co-op) has asked me to keep DW for awhile to compare the two systems during inclement weather, so I might have additional data later.

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That's pretty good. Wildblue looks great (for now), but I doubt that it will last forever. I'm sure that it will start getting slow soon when more people sign up. I heard that they had to close new installations on some beams (37?). Sorry if I sound negative.

Sattelite internet will always suck.

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