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How Can I Find My Playstation 2's IP Address So I can Enable My Modem DMZ?


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you might have to make a list of the other comp/comps on your net by checking their ip because on some routers that list shows a new ip for a device only after the lease for the previous one has expired. also, turning the ps2 off won't neccessarily remove its ip from the list for the same reason, the lease for yp x to mac address y is still active, so it will get the same ip when you turn it on again /and/ the ip won't be deleted from the list in the meantime.

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if you still dont know how to get your ps2 ip here is another way:

this is for linksys wrt54gs:

1. have your ps2 offline

2. enter router setup ( (enter username and password)

3. click on Status

4. click on Local Network

5. click on DHCP Clients Table (check what ip address you got)

6. go online with you ps2

7. click Refresh on DHCP Active IP Table

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