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Halo 2...IT SUCKS...


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and dont u dare accuse my country as a reason for my arguements if u thought them mediocre i may have different oppinions to u but i will not stand for racism do u understand me

Do you consider yourself to be in a position where you can make pointless threats like that?

Consider yourself warned, because your discussion with Mr. Hahn wan't one that we prefer to see on the forums. A forum is a place where people communicate with eachother, but this does not neccesarely (sp?) mean that there has to be a discussion in every thread, or an opinion in every post.

When you have an opinion something, don't expect someone to just go along with you or stand 100% against you. The world isn't black and white only, and neither is this forum. Grey is the most common color here.

btw, how hard is it to normally type out words, like "you' and "are"? This is a forum, there is plenty of time to type out a normal post without such abbreviations, and it makes reading your posts much easier.

Capiche? :roll:

NoShow: Graphics so beautiful that you need a high-end computer to even see fluent movement at all. I need a new computer already. :roll:

Flamers get attracted to controversial threads like a moth to lamps... Bzzzzt. End moth.

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I'm attracted to controversial situations, but I don't consider myself flamer. Controversy, along with other things (love, laughter, lava, all those L words), are what make the world go round. It makes things interesting.

Do you guys consider me a flamer? :oops: (there's no use in you responding to this ging)

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mr hahn i know this is going back a long way but i think i may have something to add to a comment u made bfore about people posting messages to show there opinion' date=' some find it a flaw but i tale pleasure in friendly debating and maybe other's do to do u have a coment on that[/quote']

If I fully understood what you said, I could perhaps have some sort of comment.

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Do I think it's wrong to enjoy a friendly debate? No, of course not. This sadly isn't one of those though. You're trying to debate something that has no answer. I haven't played the game, so I can't give you an opinion. It's really quite simple.

All of my opinions in this thread have been about topics discussed other than Halo.

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First, I should point out that there is an edit button on each post. Making four consecutive posts is just pointless.

As for why I'm in this thread, I'm here because our founding fathers made it so I could do such things. That, and the fact that Halo hasn't been the only thing discussed here by a long shot. If someone feels they have an opinion, regardless of the topic title, I don't see why you're so objective to them expressing it.

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