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Happy Veterans Day


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I would like to wish a happy veterans day to all.

I would also like to take this moment to express my thanks to all allied soldiers that fought to liberate europe (twice) from an oppressive german government.

I find it sad that very few people in germany and the rest of europe really appreciate the sacrifices that were made to ensure they could live in a free democratic society. It makes me angry when the governments of countries that exist in the form they do today only because of the sacrifices of the Americans, British and their allies now rile against those very countries when they do their best to ensure a free world.

They helped rebuild nations that were lost in a quagmire of hate.

Their efforts helped europe rise from the ashes.

For that i am grateful.

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resopalrabotnick were well said. i also find it sad that most of the world does not appreciate what the Americans Brits, and Reds did for the world, with out those 3 countries we would all be speaking German and Japanese right now. You would have no rights you would not have any of the good things that you have right now. If it wasn't for the 2 million American shoulders that died in Vietnam 50 million people in south Vietnam would have died.

And remember if you forget what happened during those 3 times it will just happen again.

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it seems i failed to say something in my previous post, the reason i am so grateful for what the allies did is that i am german, and while not old enough to remember the wars the though of growing up under a nazi regime is truly scary. but for those brave men and women my life would have been very different.

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