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Possibly the funniest effing thing I have ever read!!


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we have copyright laws here aswell

a few months ago we got a new law making it illegal not only downloading copyrighted stuff, but also uploading

as i understand piratebay, dosent upload or download the stuff, they only provide links

thats not illegal here

VanBuren :)

hence my statement that they are making themselve accessories. to organized crime even, one could say. or am i far off base, ss. or is your opinion on that a pay-per-opinion?

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thanks a lot.

i find some of your arguments slightly flawed. for example, of course the beer can designer or brewery or whatever is not an accessory to drunk driving, since the intended use of the product is recreational inebriation. which is legal (except for age, dry counties etc, but that is irrelevant.) what is illegal is th consumers act of operating his vehicle while or after engaging in the activity of drinking to an extent that impairs him physically and/or mentally. these torrent 'links' however are inteded solely for the facilitation of illegal activities (excluding the sharing of share/freeware, which is what some will claim is all that goes on there). there is no 'excuse' or reason to post that information other than for illegal purposes. and since copyright infringement is illegal in sweden as well that argument seems to hold water. (to me, at least, but then that's my opinion)

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One would assume that if the copyright laws of Sweden have been compromised by Pirate Bay, then I would surely believe they would have been shut down along time ago.

"When in Spain, do as the Spanish do."  Many people do not realize the ramifications of traveling overseas.  You are bound by the laws of the country you visit, not your country of origin.  Thats why you can go to Denmark and roll a spliff and not arrested.  Here in the States, you get a nice fine for your actions.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse, either. 

They have been trying to stop the major CR infringement going on in China for how many years now?  I suspect this activity is government sponsored in China and also suspect that no matter what the US does, it ain't going to change anytime soon.  Is it right or wrong morally?  Who knows, I can't place my moral values on another culture regarding copyrights infringement and business ethics.  I am also pretty sure that Microsoft is not going to be laying staff off due to the CR going on overseas. They'll probably hire more staff to come up with new ways  to protect their software while making it more difficult for the valid user to use the software they bought legitimately, all the while the CR infringement continues unabated..........

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