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battery charging


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Does anyone know if I can charge higher mah batteries in a charger that does not support them? I want to charge my 900 mah AAA rechargables in my Energizer charger which unfortunately supports only up to 800 mah AAA batteries.. It says that it charges those 800mah AAAs in 8 hrs, so if I put the 900 mah AAAs, will it charge them in 9 hours or will it not charge them at all since it doesn't support their high mah level..? I have another charger which I used to charge them with, but it does a fast charge and I want to compare how much more battery life I'll get with a normal (full) charge but I don't want to do anything to damage the batteries or the charger (or to cause damage to interior of my house.. lol :D).. Any sure (confident) replies would be appreciated ;)

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ok, if you want to go tweaking your batteries i suggest you head 2 your local model shop and ask for a battery conditioner/charger. these are fairly slick setups to charge the batteries used in R/C models, you might have too build a cradle for the AAA type, but those things can be programmed to fast/trickle/slow charge and even deep cycle batteries and battery packs. good for restoring memoried nicads.

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