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bridging connections


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Currently, there are no significant benefits to bridging connections or using connection teaming. Believe me, I've been trying for the last 1 1/2 years.

I can't believe that there isn't a program which can combine two connections successfully.

Just a few days ago, I reinstalled Vicomsoft InterGate software in hopes that I missed something before, but I didn't. It would allow me to use my connections together as far as overall throughput, but I couldn't fuse them together as one super connection. I had the satisfaction/piece of mind in knowing that this type of connection teaming gave me redundancy, but, being that my connection doesn't ever go down (mabey for maintenance), it didn't help me accomplish my goal.

There will be no gain when downloading/speed testing largely due to the fact of it being an ip based function (I may not be wording that correctly). Anyhow, some theories are based on the fact of when you start a download, the data is specifically going to be transferred directly to the ip address that requested it. It won't be able to be disassembled between the two ip addresses of the combined connections and then reassembled at the destination. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be a work around for the home user yet.

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