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Switching isp


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I like the claim of no bandwidth limits.

They basically yell it out on their site, so it hopefully is true.

Will beat the heck out of the DWay FAP issues.

Are you going with the high (2.5/512) residential plan?

They actually give a guaranteed minimum speed:


11. Please explain "Upload/Download" speed.

Download is the process of information coming from someplace else to you. When you browse to a web page, you are "downloading" that page. When you get a file from some place on the internet, you are downloading that file. Upload is the process of sending information from your computer onto the internet. The most common upload for most users is the simple request to "download" a new web page. Our technology provides consistence speed for up to 10 miles from central service area. The download and upload speeds listed are burst rates. Unite Wireless policy on burst rates is based on industry (Cable and DSL) policies with regard to speeds listed. We cannot guarantee that results from popular online tests will result in the speed listed on a particular package. We strive to provide as quick a service as possible and will always work to make the test results as close as possible to the rate listed. Business packages are not based on burst rates and should always show the rates listed. Our guaranteed minimum download rates for all packages are listed below. Remember that our guaranteed speeds are superior to most DSL and Cable providers. Be careful not to purchase internet service from providers that DO NOT publish their minimum guaranteed speed.

Promo/Starter = 128K/64K

Basic = 256K/128K

Gamer = 384K/128K

Premier = 512K/384K

Ultimate = 756K/512K

T1 = 384K/384K

T2 = 756K/756K

T3 = 1.5M/1.5M

T4 = 3M/3M

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