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RIP Eddie Guerrero


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I have a question, someone posted that on my site as well, can someone tell me in their own words what was so special about this man? I don't want to read a report, I would rather know how it his death affected you.

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ty FallowEarth . I appreciate your time and effort.

I don't follow wrestling, and won't pretend to. I'm a lover of music, not wrestling. I will say this, Your passion proves that you have suffered a loss, And I am sorry for that.

All great losses in one's life though lead to greater realizations of one's self. I have had many losses and many lessons, and I am me because of them. I like the person I am although I detest some of the things I have learned. I will say though, I would not put any of them away.

I hope that everyone that feels a loss from Eddie's death can reconcile it within themselves. I cannot relate however. So I will step back from this. I do appreciate your reply. :)

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Basically, he had heart disease.  Eddie was a workaholic, with a troubled past.  Although he had been clean for years, it caught up with him.  If anyone ever noticed, for the last 4 years, Eddie put on a LOT of muscle.  This caused his heart to get bigger, but his arteries were getting narrower and narrower.  From what I understand, he went into a deep sleep and died while brushing his teeth.  He had a heart failure.  His wife was quoted as saying he hadnt been feeling good for the past few days but they thought it was fatigue.

I too have been a wrestling fan for a long time.  Yeah it isnt real.  Who said it had to be?  Are movies real?  Are sitcoms real?  No.  It's all about suspension of disbelief. 

Before on wwe.com it just said he dies in his hotel room.. I don't watch wrestling that much but I will miss him from the wrestling ring..

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Eddie was so damn funny, i will really miss that. When i first heard about his death i thought it was one of his jokes but i realized it was real. This is such a huge loss, he was 38 which is very young and there were many years to go for him in the WWE. I feel depressed everytime i think about his death. I feel bad for the Guerrero family.

see ya soon Eddie

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From what I understand, he went into a deep sleep and died while brushing his teeth.

not to be a smart ass but...how do you brush your teeth while ur in a deep sleep???...sorry...

it's always sad when someone dies especially someone so young...did he have children?

tho i've never heard of heart disease causing enlarged muscles...most likely steroids which has a side effect of causing heart disease and narrowing of the arteries as well as many other side effects including prostate and testicular cancer and breast cancer (yes men get that too)...and the list goes on...

bottom line...exercise to pump up those muscles boys...u may live long enough to show pics to ur grandkids...

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I meant to say he went into a deep sleep while brushing his teeth, and died.

He had 2 daughters I believe.

Heart disease doesn't cause enlarged muscles lol.  Eddie had a history of drug abuse, though I dont believe he ever used steriods.  It was the years of drug abuse that caused his heart disease, and when he started working out more and more, his heart got bigger, but his arteries were still getting narrow.  He started putting on muscle and taking care of himself when he got clean, but I think his past caught up with him.

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