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Linspire 5.0 Live!


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Ok, I just purchased a copy of Linspire 5.0.

I'm curious if anyone here uses this OS or has any knowledge of it and the CNR factory.

Here in a bit after the install, I'll post some screenshots.

I've always been a fan of putting linux os's on antiquated machines. It seems to work best that way.

I've used old beta versions of Lindows OS, the previous name of Linspire..

very funny story about that, in short:

Bill sues mp3.com owner for starting LindowsOS coz the name is CLOSE to Windows, and it would confuse granny faye that's lookin for windows on the shelf. Michael takes it to court, WINS, Bill don't own LINDOWS, and the judge saw NO likeness, THEN Bill goes to pay Michael HANDSOMELY NOT to use the name, and , you know what? THEY ALREADY decided to use the name Linspire, before Bill even took them to court,

basically, it was a big scheme so they could get the capital to start up CNR on super phat pipes, and make the new OS version.

It's a debian based heavilly KDE Linux'ish OS.

more Linux then anything, basically a

Walmart Flavor of Debian KDE.

considering,  Lindows machines and Lindows is sold in walmart. OOPS i mean LinsPire os

It was cheap, don't ask why.

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LOL I can't figure out how to take screenshots with Linspire, I hit prnt scrn, and it takes u to the top of any given menu that's in the foreground.

I use Ksnapshot, and it only allows you to take one of the IMMEDIATE screen, I can't show menu's, i can pop up apps, and take a screen, but that's now really what I wanna show.

k, so im reading up on it.

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