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Alrighty then! Here we go, I get into a conversation with Aggr3, and he STUNS me


So, since some people don't choose a gender, post which gender you are here!  

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  1. 1. So, since some people don't choose a gender, post which gender you are here!

    • Male, boy, Viking Warrior, dude
    • Female, chick, Princess Bride, girly

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I'm kind of like Roco (again) except I do like to cook.But count the great chefs mostly men too.So I'm not alone there.Being single also I have a sewing machine.I'm not very good at it but it beats the heck out of doing it by hand.

But let Roco know how many of you married guys "put their  feet up with a Beer and watch TV ' While the wife does all the girly things like cleaning the house.

Even being single I've got into trouble telling a woman "I guess men aren't suposed to do dishes because I can't usually find any extra large latex dish washing gloves.btw I do a lot of dishes since I cook so don't go there like I don't wash dishes because I'm a man.

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  :whaa: I love girly things, *settle  down at the back guys* ,

and I like giving my old sewing machine a spin from time to time,

I don't like washing and ironing , food shopping, cooking, house work in general, but then I am single so I have to get on with it , unlike you married guys , who can put their  feet up with a Beer and watch TV :evil3:

You go ahead and joint the sewing group Roco, I'll just sit here with my beer and watch the football game LOL :D


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Roco, have you ever heard of a honey do list  :?: Well I don't have one, I make mine myself. And if it is daylight and nice weather I will be getting mine done. Raking leaves, mowing, picking (several types of apples, pears, cherries), and in general home repair (new roof, clean out the drain, paint the house, clean out the gutters, etc...

Now when was I supposed to put my feet up  :?:  :lol:

The cooking OK.  The laundry when she gets around to it. As far as surviving on my own, "mom" insisted we at least be able to care for ourselves. A wife should not be a requirement for a normal life. I can do the rest if I so desire.  ;) But if I am married she might as well have something to do.  :)

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:lol: my post was just a wind up Tommie  :lol: yeah I have seen both sides of the story, somebody asked me a while back, would you rather be married or single, that one nearly got me beat ,

a lot of , Yeah but, No but , ran through my head,

Honey list LOL that is a new one on me, I write  my to- do list on the loo roll , so each day I can look at it , use it ,and flush it , job done !

P.s. Tommie we  you finnished the few jobs you have on  :whaa:,

and you got a spare month hour or two , and are getting bored just sitting around I would apreaciate a hand with some of mine, new roof sounds good to me, :lol:

lol Apples, pears and cherries ,  I was picking chestnuts yesterday ,only got shot at by Lord **** s gamekeeper twice , and chased by the Police once , so it was a good days foraging for ths peasent ,  we I gota get the supplies in for Christmas , or winter solstice in my case  ;) ............ :lol: yeah I am begining to laugh again  :roll:   No don't go there again Roco


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You go ahead and joint the sewing group Roco, I'll just sit here with my beer and watch the football game LOL :D


You sure yo aint my EX, :lol: or mabe her sister , thats how I learnt to sew, cook etc. in the first place, then I found out there were pleanty of fish in the ocean , then I became sort of  :lol: single again  :haha::roll:

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Well let's see what we can do to clarify this "Honey Do List" for you Roco.

Thanks, SR. I just wanted to be sure if I was right in assuming the obvious meaning, but had no luck with any dictionary. Thanks for the clarification.

What does the phrase "honey-do list" imply?

It means a list of things that a husband or wife wants their spouse to do. Honey (term of endearment)do this and then do this...

'Honey', as a term for a spouse or partner, is virtually unknown/unused in the UK and, I suspect, many other parts of the English speaking world. It's overwhelmingly US; I'm unsure about Canada.

The term "honey-do" is actually a pun on the honeydew melon which is very popular in the US.


Very American indeed. Still want to come over  :?:    '

Sounds like water is looking for a slave.  :D

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I believe I have not formally met you here so, welcome to the forum dliw  :wave:

I like your avatar.   ;)

Thank you for the welcome. As time permits I am trying to become more active on the boards I have joined. I visit here every morning for a speed test. Most accurate on the net. My avatar was made by a friend on a now defunct site and I use variations of it everywhere. It has special meaning to me.
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