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What does your username mean?

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name's pete. and i'm obviously elite

thats funny pete

brock01 cause my name is brock and one day try to sign up for yahoo email deal, and brock1 was taken so i added a 0 it was open, so i use it everywhere now, so you if see a brock01 somewhere and he talks l33t then its me : ) holla

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OK, I get really curious. I mean really curious, and since my sense of humor is a little.... well, ok .. a lot... weird, I comeup with some totally weird and sick references.... So, please ... he

My user name is exactly what it says. Now guess who is still alive and has over 300,000 miles on my ride.

Mine refers to my favorite cartoon show, called Code Lyoko. It's from France, of all places!   The antagonist is the character named XANA, one of those never-seen characters.   The "virus" part of

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Guest jeffwalker9999

jeff walker =name

and 9999

9/9/99 was the date of my getting my a+ certification

I also wanted to have a user name

on yahoo, aol, msn instant message

that would be easy to remember and recall and use

Also use vegaspc1 and slottech

for most of my peer to peer file applications and adult / other stuff

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My user name  > Roco,

Roco is the first 2 letters of my first and last name ,

Ro*  Co***** if any one can fill in the 6*  and guess correctly ,

 they will win the chance of  a  valuable prize,

a Airline ticket in my name from London  to the  USA

or I could accept  a cash alternative,  :D ::haha:: :D

          Roco  UK

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Guest philp



That's either fabulous, or cruel, depending on your mental state.... what's your middle initial?


Trust me, I've heard 'em all.  :haha:

Middle initial is A so that makes it even more fun to be me.  :roll:  :lol:

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